If you have not received your Income Tax Refund yet it may be because of some mistake committed by you while filing your Income Tax return. Unfortunately, there are many taxpayers who have difficulty in getting their tax refunds after completing their returns formalities. Since, the next year’s Income Tax return is now due to be filed you can avoid those mistakes this time.

If you are eligible for Income tax refund on account of excess TDS deducted or tax saving investment not taken into account, you should file your Income Tax return carefully to claim your Income Tax Refund early. As you prepare yourself to file your returns, you need to do ensure that all details are filled in properly so as to help the tax authorities to process your refunds, if any, quickly.

You should follow the following steps to claim an early tax refund:

  1. While filing ITR it is very important to choose the correct ITR form. Incorrect ITR form would delay process because the necessary details for processing would be missing in the wrong ITR form.
  2. File your Income Tax Return within the due date i.e. on or before 31st July or 30th Sept or 30th Nov as the case may be. Example: For individuals and HUF who are not liable to tax audit are required to file their Income Tax Return by 31st July of the next financial year.
  3. Avoid last-minute rush of Income tax returns filing. If you get the return in just before the tax deadline, you will be among the grand swarm of last-minute filers. The sudden bulky rush of tax returns can cause processing delays.
  4. Enter your bank details correctly. The bank account details such as account no., IFSC code, etc must be typed correctly. Even if you are a non-resident and you have an Indian account give details of Indian bank account to claim refund quickly.
  5. Fill your TDS certificate details correctly. You must ensure that there is no mismatch in the TDS you claim and Form 16 or Form 16A as the case may be. Make sure to reconcile your income with Form 26AS also.
  6. You must carefully check the computation of Income & Tax along with deductions claimed by you. If your calculation is wrong then your refund would be delayed. Thus, it is better to e-file your return rather than filing manually and let the software perform all the calculations.
  7. Duly verify your ITR. You must ensure that your ITR is duly verified as late or non-submission of ITR-V leads to delay in refund as well as invalidate the ITR after the prescribed period.

Note: In case you follow all the above steps and have carefully filed your Income Tax Return but still there is delay, you can follow up with the Centralized Processing Centre (CPC) of the Income-tax Department.

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Bharat Poplani