It is to be noted that there is no any concept of revised return under GST. So, under GST, no amendment can be made in the return once it is filed.

Then what is the remedy if any mismatch in occurred in sales after filing of GST Return?

While preparing and furnishing the details in FORM GSTR-3B, if the outward supplies have been under reported by the taxpayer, then the same maybe added in Outward supplies details of GSTR-3B of the next month. The payment of tax relating to those invoices must be made in the next month along with interest. Also, give the correct bill wise details of those invoices in GSTR-1 of the same month and if the GSTR 1 of that month is already filed then report it in the GSTR 1 of next month.    If the taxpayer forgets to report the details of any tax invoice in GSTR 1 then he can report the same in GSTR 1 of the next month.

Example: If the taxpayer forgets to add the details of a tax invoice of Rs. 1,00,000 having IGST of Rs. 18,000 in the GSTR 3B of May month then he must report the bill wise details of that bill in GSTR 1 of the May. Also, he must add the details of taxable value Rs. 1,00,000 as well as tax amount Rs. 18,000 (along with interest) in the GSTR 3B of June month.

 And what the taxpayer should do if any mismatch occurred in ITC taken relating to purchases made?

Where the eligible ITC claimed by the taxpayer in FORM GSTR-3B is less than the ITC eligible as per the details of the purchases, the additional amount of ITC can be taken as credit in the next month. But if the ITC claimed is more than the actual eligible ITC, then it must be reversed in the GSTR 3B of the next month. Also the interest on that extra ITC utilized must be paid.
Example:  If in the GSTR 3B for the month of April, a taxpayer has taken the credit of Input tax of Rs.15000 instead of Rs. 20000, then remaining credit of Rs. 5000 (20000-15000) can be claimed in the GSTR 3B of the May month.

And what should be done if the payment is wrongly made in the different head?
If the taxpayer has made the payment of IGST wrongly under the head of CGST/ SGST, then he needs to pay the tax under the head IGST and he can take the refund of amount wrongly paid under the head CGST/ SGST after filing the FORM RFD-01 and vice versa. Example: If ‘A’ wrongly made the payment Rs. 2000 in IGST instead of the amount to be paid as Rs. 1000 in CGST and Rs. 1000 in SGST, then he must pay Rs. 1000 respectively under the head CGST and SGST. Also, he can claim the refund of Rs. 2000 paid under IGST.

What is Annual return under GST?
Annual return is a return which is to be filed once in a year by the registered taxpayers under GST. It shall be filed on or before 31st December of the subsequent financial year. There are two types for annual return i.e for Audit case and for non Audit case. For Non-audit taxpayers, it is compulsory to furnish the Annual return only. But for taxpayers having Audit under GST, it is compulsory to furnish the annual return along with the audit report and Reconciliation statement. Now how the government will bring provisions for mismatch of purchases and other provisions, it is still a mystery.

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